2016 Chesapeake Cup
2016 Chesapeake Cup

The Chesapeake Cup is a GotSoccer® Scheduler event! GotSoccer points will be awarded per GotSoccer® age group guidelines!

****To register for the 2016 Chesapeake Cup, Click here!

2016 List of Registered Teams
Permission to Host - Chesapeake Cup 2016 (7 downloads )
Tournament Invite Letter (86 downloads )
Chesapeake Cup Flyer (109 downloads )
Chesapeake Cup Rules of Competition (47 downloads )
Tournament Info Letter (81 downloads )

Previous Year Chesapeake Cup Standings –
2015 Chesapeake Cup Standings (0 downloads )
2014 Chesapeake Cup Standings (0 downloads )

fall blast

    The 7th Annual Cecil Fall Blast – November 21, 2015

THANK YOU for coming out to play in our 2015 Fall Blast! We hope you had a great time!

Please consider registering for our 21st Annual CHESAPEAKE CUP being held on March 26, 2016! Click here to register

Fall Blast Standings from past years

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