Spring 2018 Registration

Cecil Soccer League Spring 2018 Registration Is Open!

Registration for the Spring season will be through TeamSnap. When prompted, please enter your TeamSnap login information.

Follow this link to register your player: Spring 2018 Player Registration

Coaches, please use this link to register: Coach’s Spring 2018 Registration



Registration FAQs:

My child is 3, are they eligible to play? Per US Youth Soccer guidelines, we register children by birth year. For this Fall, a child must be born in 2014 or earlier in order to be eligible to play. 

My child has never played before. Can he/she be placed in a lower age group? We will not permit children to play ‘backwards’ in age group for the safety of our players.

My child is an exceptional player at his age group. Can he/she play up in age groups? We permit children to play up 1 birth year. For instance, a 2009 child may register for the 2008 birth year. Truly, we encourage players to play within their own age group but understand there are players who excel. Please reach out to Gemma Hulbert to inquire about our travel program- gemhulbert@gmail.com

What are the days and times and locations that practices are held? Practices days/times and location are left up to the coach and availability of fields. Within your registration, there is an option to specify the zone in which you would like to practice. 

When are games played? Most games are held on Saturdays beginning at 8am and ending early afternoon. Depending on the number of teams, there may be a midweek or Sunday afternoon scheduled.

I’d like to coach! Who can I contact? Thank you! We’re always looking for additional coaches. Please send an email to info@cecilsoccer.org with the age/birth year you’d like to coach and we will forward your email to the appropriate age group coordinator.

Can I request a certain coach? We do our best to honor coach requests on a first come, first served basis. Please get your registrations in as early as possible in order for your requests to be considered. 

Why a $25 late fee? We don’t want to charge a fee anymore than you want to receive one. However, we operate on volunteers and late registrations has been an issue causing a lot of extra work. Again, please get your registrations complete early!

My family is having financial difficulty. Do you offer any sort of assistance? Yes! Please download, fill out and return the financial aid form via email to info@cecilsoccer.org with Subject ‘Financial Aid Application’ or mail to PO BOX 1406, Elkton, MD 21921.  CSL-Financial-Aid-Packet.docx (81 downloads)

When can I register my child for the upcoming season? 

Winter open registration : October 1st- November 30th
Winter late registration (with late fee) : December 1st – December 10th

Spring early registration : December 1st – December 31st
Spring open registration : January 1st – February 28th
Spring late registration (with late fee) : March 1st – March 10th

Fall early registration : May 1st – May 31st
Fall open registration : June 1st – July 31st
Fall late registration (with late fee) : August 1st – August 10th