2002 Boys Arsenal

Thank you to those who tried out for both the 2002 tournament team and the for the regular 2003/2004 team.  Unfortunately, there were no coaches that stepped up to coach a 2003 and/or 2004 team. Please feel free to reach out to Gemma Hulbert with any questions/concerns: gemhulbert@gmail.com



Tournament Team expectations and Question/Answers:

How much will is cost to play for the tournament team? $350 per player to cover Fall/Winter/Spring beginning August 2017.

Where does your money go? We will play about 6 tournaments throughout the year.

When will the tournaments take place?  We aren’t looking to do far/travel dependant tournaments. There are plenty local college showcase type tournaments that we will look to do. Below are ones we are looking into
August 5, 2017  Kirkwood Boys College Showcase – 2017
Mid November Cecil Soccer Club Fall Blast
Early December 2017 NCAA Men’s College Cup Showcase (Frederica, DE)
April – Cecil Soccer Chesapeake Cup Tournament
May (Mothers Day weekend) Location TBD
Memorial Day Weekend Location TBD

When will practices be? This is something that can be flexible. We will likely practice once a week for 2 hours. Once school starts, I will take a poll of what days work best with the kids after school sports schedules. Practice day could even be held midday Saturdays or Sundays so as not to interfere with school. The month leading up to a tournament, we will add an additional practice night per week.




Coach: Gemma Hulbert (gemhulbert@gmail.com)