Rec Program

About the Program

The Recreational Program is geared towards providing a fun, competitive soccer environment for kids. All kids are welcome and CSL strives to make it a positive experience for the players and their families. 

Winning is not the #1 goal of the Program and there are no playoffs at the end of the season. Coaches (and parents) are encouraged to teach good sportsmanship, self-reliance, and teamwork. The emphasis should not be on winning, but on team participation and self-improvement in skills, coordination, and strategy. Recreational Programs should always be about fun first while teaching the skills to improve at the game of soccer.

The goal of every youth soccer coach should be to provide every player with opportunities to reach his maximum potential in the game of soccer. Coaches must balance fun and discipline according to the ages and ability levels of their players. Coaches should evaluate players’ strengths and weaknesses in such areas as size, speed, physical strength, endurance, coordination, ball control, and tactical abilities-the ability to read and understand the game of soccer.

The league places the game of soccer ahead of any desire to win in the Rec Program. Coaches are expected to control their players and their sideline during games. Abusive or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. Continual disregard of these philosophies can result in disciplinary action by the League that may include the suspension or expulsion of either the coach or the player. Family members and fans are also expected to act with respect and good sportsmanship while at games and practices.

FIFA Rules

Silent Saturday

This has been tried in this league and other leagues and it was noted that the kids loved it and so did the Ref’s.

On “ SILENT SATURDAY “the coaches and parents should be silent on the side lines. Sometimes as a coach and as a parent we can become over enthusiastic and yell out constant instructions like, “Pass, Shoot, Clear the ball, Center”. With the sidelines being quiet, this will let the kids make their own decisions on the field, and they will be able to talk to each other. The children will decide who will take the corner kick, goal kick, or throw in. The children will be able to hear each other talk on the field with comments like “Pass, Center, Go wide.”

So, lets sit back, suck on a lollipop, save our vocal chords, and enjoy the game.

Fair Play Rule

Although the league does not track results, we do understand that Coaches, Parents and especially Players do keep a track of who is winning. To ensure all players benefit from the soccer experience, Cecil Soccer League enforces the “Fair Play Rule” in the Recreational League.

This rule states that if a team is winning by 4 goals or more, that the team that is winning must reduce the number of players on the field by 1 and the team that is losing must increase the number of players on the field by 1 for each goal difference greater than 3. For example if a team in the U09 Division, playing 7v7, scores a goal making the score 4 – 0 then they would reduce their field players to 6 and the opponent would increase their field players to 8. If the winning team scored again, then they would reduce to 5 players and the opponent would increase to 9 players, however if the opponent scored a goal making the score 4 – 1 then the teams would revert back to the original 7v7 layout.

When the Fair Play Rule is in effect (ie the goal difference is greater than 3 goals), coaches may request a Time Out (up to 1 minute) following a goal being scored and prior to kickoff to allow them to re-position players.

If the goal difference in a game exceeds 7 goals in an 11v11 format, 6 goals in a 9v9 format or 5 goals in a 7v7 format then the game is considered complete. Once the game is complete, the coaches must work together to re-balance the team mix and the balance of the game can be played as a scrimmage between the new teams.

Coaches are encouraged to share players with their opponent if teams are short players or to re-balance teams prior to the game being declared complete, to ensure maximum playing time for all players.

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