Winter Indoor Program

The Cecil Soccer League INDOOR Soccer Program begins in early January and goes til about early March. Games this year will be played at the Cecil Arena near Rising Sun High School on RT 272.  The league does not rent space for teams to practice during the INDOOR Season and all the games will be on weekends this season.  Individual age groups have their games on the same day each week.

The INDOOR Game is considerably faster than the Outdoor Game as the playing surface is smaller allowing the kids get to touch the ball more frequently and substitutions are done on the fly. The playing surface  is AstroTurf and the field is surrounded by netting to keep the spectators from getting hit by an out of bounds ball. There are no walls around the playing surface so the ball will go out of bounds (same as the outdoor game). There is a spectator area on the opposite side of the field and has a Snack Bar.

The teams in the INDOOR Program are made up primarily of recreational level players. Travel Team players are permitted and League Officials will place the Travel Players so teams are more evenly matched. The rules of the INDOOR Game are similar to the rules from outdoor; for specific rules go to the Law of the Game Page under the INDOOR Soccer Program.