Recreation Program Coach Information


  1. Cecil Soccer League jersey required (red/white reversible). Travel team jerseys may not be worn in the Rec Program.
  2. Shin guards must be worn at all games and practices.
  3. No jewelry, watches, earrings, hats (possible keeper exception), etc.
  4. No hats or hooded sweatshirts.
  5. No metal spikes.
  6. Goalies must wear a different colored shirt from the CSL red or white.
  7. Sweatpants may be worn in cold weather but the legs must be tucked into socks.
  8. No jeans.


Each player must play at least 1/2 of every game.


In order to keep the games on schedule, it is important to start promptly.  Please have your team at the fields at least 15 minutes ahead of time so we can do so.  First team on schedule is “away” team. Teams may not be on the same side.


We will make every attempt to play games on game days.  We will  play in the rain as long as it is still safe for the kids and the field will not be damaged while playing.  In the event of thunder or lighting the fields will be cleared and remain cleared until 30 minutes has passed without any thunder or lighting. Spectators and players are instructed to return to their cars when the fields have to be cleared and remain there until a league official has given the OK to return to the fields.  The Barn can be used for those that don’t have a car at the facility.

We will post a message on the website when Chesland is closed due to foul weather.  Additionally CSL participants can subscribe to our text message notifications to get the latest CSL News.  Text SOCCER to 77948 to enroll ( standard message rates apply)


Game balls are supplied by the league.  The home team will provide the game ball for each game.


The home team will located on the North or East sideline, away team will be located on the South or West sideline as shown on the field layout diagram for the season underway.  The sideline for the home team will also be marked on each field.  *NO GAME WILL BEGIN UNTIL BOTH TEAMS ARE LOCATED ON THE APPROPRIATE SIDELINE.


The Referees will inspect the players on each team for proper spikes and shin guards before the start of each game.  No child will be allowed to play without shin guards.  Board members may randomly request that team rosters be verified prior to each game.  Unregistered children (per the official roster) will not be permitted to play.  Referees will notify the board of teams found with unregistered players.


The referee will call team captains to the middle of the field for the coin toss to start each game.  Please have your captains chosen ahead of time.


Socceroos will have a n hour time slot on Saturdays.  They will go through some skill games and fun drills for the 1st- 30 minutes and will have a game for the 2nd -30 minutes.

U-8 (4) 12 minute quarters.   8 v 8 *

U-10 (2) 30 minute halves.   8 v 8

U-12 (2) 35 minute halves.   11 v 11

U-15 (2) 35 minute halves.   11 v 11

For U-12 and U-15 games; if a team does not have enough players to field 11 on the field the opposing team should attempt to lend players so the two teams can play 11 v 11.  Alternatively the team with a surplus of players can play down some players in order to have the same number on the field.  Both coaches should make all reasonable attempts to play equal numbers on the field, this is  Recreational League and fairness and fun should be a top priority.

*NEW – U8 will play 8 v 8 – Seven Field players plus a goalie.


Players should be instructed to drop to the ground if they are injured.  Coaches must not enter the field until the referee has stopped the game.


Corner kicks are taken from corner of the of penalty box and the goal line. Goal kicks are taken from the top of the penalty box, not the 6yd line as like the older kids.  Off-sides are not enforced.  Teams will play with eight players on the field.  Penalty kicks are taken from 10yards from the goal line (penalty spot). No slide tackling.


  • Prior to throw in – in your favor.
  • Prior to goal kick – either team.
  • After a goal – either team.
  • At half time.


When the whole of the ball crosses completely over the goal line (between goal posts).


Off sides will be called if an offensive player is beyond the last defender without the ball.  The referee must determine if the player is involved in the play or could have an effect on the play.  If the player will not have any effect on the play but is standing in an off side position the referee will not call off sides.  Ultimately this is a judgment call by the referee.  No off-sides on throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks or drop balls.


A foul by the defensive team may be ignored by the referee if he/she feels that the foul has not prevented the team with the ball was to continue with possession.  The referee will signal “play-on” to indicate that he has seen the foul but is electing to ignore it.


The objective of youth soccer should be for the players to have fun.  Coaches and parents should teach good sportsmanship, self-reliance, and teamwork.  The emphasis should not be on winning, but on team participation and self-improvement in skills, coordination, and strategy.

The goal of every youth soccer coach should be to provide every player with opportunities to reach his maximum potential in the game of soccer.  Coaches must balance fun and discipline according to the ages and ability levels of their players. Coaches should evaluate players’ strengths and weaknesses in such areas as size, speed, physical strength, endurance, coordination, ball control, and tactical abilities—the ability to read and understand the game of soccer.

The league places the game of soccer ahead of any desire to win, regardless of level of play.  If any administrator or coach, no mater how capable, fails to control his, or has players who consistently contravene the laws of soccer, the League will act to remedy the situation.  Disciplinary action may include the suspension or expulsion of either the coach, the player, or the team.  Such discipline should only come when absolutely necessary and only after the other avenues for remedial action have been exhausted.


Coaches are expected to conduct themselves properly at both games and practices.  Coaches are a role model for many children and should not be seen smoking or heard using foul language.  Keep in mind that your players as well as their parents are watching and forming their opinions of the League and the game of soccer based on your actions.  Abusive language and behavior towards players, referees, other coaches or parents will not be tolerated.  The league reserves the right to place a coach on probation, suspension or dismissal for inappropriate behavior.  Red Cards to coaches will earn an automatic suspension; length of suspension will determine based on the referee reports.

Referees have been instructed to take the following actions if there are problems.

  • Call coaches to the center of the field and give a warning and/or a 5 minute “cooling off” period.
  • Present a yellow bench card to the offending team(s).
  • Present a red bench card to the offending team(s).

Follow-up action will then be taken by the League.  Coaches are also responsible for the behavior of the spectators on their sideline.  No player may practice or play in a game without first submitting a signed registration form.  If a player leaves your team please mail his registration form to the league together with the refund form supplied in this packet.  If necessary, please remind your parents that:

  • Children need example, not criticism.
  • Their child’s experience should be positive and without pressure.
  • We all should applaud good plays by both teams.
  • Coaches will coach from their side of the field only, and coach between the 18 yard lines and not beyond.
  • No coaching or cheering from the end lines.
  • Coaching (by parents or coaches) from both sides of the field is prohibited.


At the completion of each game it is required for all team members, coaches, and assistant coaches to meet on the field and shake hands. The referee will observe the players and coaches during this time. All FIFA rules on conduct are in force during the handshake.

We encourage teams to not let the score differential in a game become too large. If a team is trailing their opponent by 4 goals they are permitted to add a player on the field. For each additional goal above 4 the trailing team can add another player. When the trailing team scores a goal to narrow the 4+ goal differential they should pull one of the extra players from the field. The winning team may also pull players from field and play shorthanded in an effort to make the game more even. If the trailing team does not have subs to add extra players the winning team is required to remove a player from the field for each goal above the 4 goal differential. Coaches are encouraged to use their best judgment in trying to keep the score reasonable and should use tactics with their team to prevent the score differential from becoming excessive.

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